4WD Lift Kits

We have a wide range of 4wd liftkits that we install to truly deck out your 4wd. We’ve fitted hundreds of lift kits for Brisbane 4wd owners over the years. We pride ourselves on our expertise in recommending the right gear for the right application, and the quality of our products and workmanship.

At Hackett’s Discount Tyres we have 4wd liftkit solutions for heavy load applications, mild height increases right up to extreme offroad applications.
If your vehicle isn’t listed, don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll confidently find the right liftkit for you.


    Popular Vehicles

    Secure the Upgrades You Desire with Professional Installation of a 2 Inch Suspension Lift

    Have you recently decided that it is time to upgrade your 4WD drive vehicle with a higher suspension? Whether you intend to tackle off-road conditions or you have another reason for desiring a 2 inch suspension lift, the search is on for the kit that fits your needs. At Hackett’s Discount Tyres, we provide advantages both in installation experience and in the variety of lift kits from which our customers can choose. These allow us to deliver several outcomes, including:

    • Small vehicle height increases
    • Better heavy-duty load bearing
    • Off-road endurance and stability

    To deliver the desired results for our clients, we employ several leading brands with access to many solutions for a wide range of vehicles. Some of our preferred brands are:

    • ​DriveTech, an Australian-based manufacturer using their line of Enduro suspension components with a focus on rugged and durable lift kits.
    • Bilstein, a brand from Germany renowned for high quality, refined engineering, and long-term suitability.
    • OzTec, providing lift kits for diverse vehicle makes and models while designing products with Australian conditions in mind.
    • Formula by Fulcrum, utilising their in-house Formula brand shock absorbers and packaged with Australian made Superpro bushes and springs. These kits have built a solid reputation for ride quality,offroad performance,reliabilty and affordability.
    • Dobinsons, offering one of the widest ranges of kits on the market, they have liftkits to suit SUV’s ,Dual Cab 4wd utes, and solid axle big lifted rigs. Offering unique products like 3 and 4 inch liftkits with their monutube range truly sets them apart.

    Securing a 2 inch suspension lift is easy with Hackett’s Discount Tyres, and preferable to the “do-it-yourself” route. Proper, professional installation of a lifted suspension is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s wheel alignment and avoiding damage to the suspension. Our experienced team can tick all the boxes for you with stress-free service.

    Take advantage of our competitive pricing, dedication to fast and effective service, and years of experience to give your vehicle a 2 inch suspension lift today. Give us a call on 07 3162 6895 to arrange a visit.